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Empower is home to people who want to empower women through sport. We are an open-age girls' football academy. We believe in potential and hard work.

Football teaches us to be humble, kind and disciplined. We aspire to teach life skills on the field through communication, teamwork, respect, and inclusion. We dream to instill a lifelong love of football in our athletes by raising their physical literacy and making them aware of their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.



team training

Suitable for ages 5-17 for both professional and

amateur athletes


personal training

Suitable for all ages for both professional and

amateur athletes

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online training

Suitable for all ages willing to get fit and increase their ball skills at home


tailored team

Suitable for teams looking for coaches to reach a specific goal (e.g as win a tournament)

Farida Salem Founder/Director

Hi! My name is Farida El Sheshingy. I'm a football player and a coach. I graduated from Vancouver Island University with a BA in Sport, Health, and Physical Education. I obtained my Executive Certificate in Sports Management from FIFA in collaboration with Cairo University. Football is my passion. These girls are my life.


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My coaching philosophy is in the form of a promise:

"I promise to show my players what they can be before what they are. I promise to put my players before myself. I promise to treat my players as people before they are players."

- Farida Salem

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