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We focus on first touch, SAQ (speed, agility, quickness), individual skills, and technical development. We focus on building basics for beginners, reintroducing fundamental movement skills, and adjusting improper technique.


If you are a player looking to perfect your skills and improve specific aspects of you game, our Personal Training is for you.

  • Available in 6th of October, Dokki, New Cairo

  • By appointment

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Programs: Classes



It’s a program designed for young coaches. Its main purpose is to give aspiring coaches the tools to work with kids, work independently, and guides them into ways in which they can kick start their careers in the sports field. Who can join this program? Anyone who is interested in coaching with Empower or anyone who is interested in gaining work experience. Additionally, anyone who is interested in learning more about the sports field in general. You will 100% learn more about yourself as a coach.


PFC is a seasonal event that brings together teams for a specific, chosen cause. We play to have fun, and to raise awareness where it is needed. If you are interested in this section of Empower as a private business or NGO, please get in touch with us for further opportunities as we are constantly looking for prize partners and sponsors. If you are a player or a team, stay tuned to our social media platforms for the next event announcement!


ECA's with Empower Football Academy feature a fun, inclusive program offered to international schools throughout the academic year, along with a few team bonding activities. The goal behind this program is to build a safe, positive environment for girls to practice and learn the basics of football. If you are a school member or you know a school that might be interested in our services, please contact us!

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Active Start stage features a fun, creative program where kids learn the fundamental movement skills necessary for playing any sport. This program enhances overall athletic skills, cognitive skills, creativity, and imagination. It also emphasizes fun and active play.


Football also teaches kids to work together in a team environment. If your girl enjoys running around with a football at her feet, Mini Kickers program is for you.

  • Available in 6th of October

  • New Cairo: On Wait List


As a young athlete, group training is a great way to improve your social skills and athletic performance. Through a strategic mix of theoretical lessons and practical sessions, players become comfortable with the game both on and off the field. This program features skill acquisition, mental toughness, and talent identification. We are training to train to eventually train to compete when we reach our goals as a team. If you are looking to kick-start your football path, Train to Train is the best fit for you.

  • Available in 6th of October

  • New Cairo: On Wait List


This program entails long-term football as well as fitness and conditioning sessions in which we focus on team development, building chemistry, and achieving a long-term goal such as winning a tournament.


We provide coaching staff and equipment. The field is your choice. If you are a team of dedicated individuals in a work environment looking for a new way to build friendships and good spirit, Tailored Team Programs are designed for you.

  • Available in 3, 6, 9-month packages

  • Flexible locations

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We focus on your fitness and individual football skills. Fitness includes agility, balance, coordination, strength, power, and explosive speed. All of those workouts are suitable for small spaces at home with minimal equipment.


If you are a player looking to stay fit and strong while maintaining ball control, our Online Training is for you.

  • Available Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday via Zoom

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Group Training is a great choice to improve your athletic performance and stay fit. Players become familiar with the game through intense football and fitness/conditioning sessions. We work on overall health and fitness (endurance, strength, flexibility) as well as basic tactics.


If you’re looking to learn more, play competitively, and elevate your game, our First Team is for you.

  • Available in 6th of October

  • New Cairo: On Wait List

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